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Dr. Elena Alawa is offering virtual doctor consultationS for any patients within MichiganHormonal imbalance may be the reason for symptoms such like Low libido Sleep disturbances, Low energy Weight gain, Brain fog, Irritability/Agitation, Stress, Memory Loss, Food Cravings (salt, sugar), Acne, Inability to lose weight, Mood swings, Hot flashes Fatigue, Irregular/Painful periods, Anxiety and depression, Thyroid disease, Urinary incontinence and overall common.

True Health Solutions use Functional Medicine to help you find the root causes of your symptoms so you can begin your journey to balance your hormones naturally!

We work together with PCP and OB/GYN so that together we can optimize patients’ triggers, resolve their symptoms and restore well-being. Start with a free 15-min virtual doctor consultation.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses bioidentical hormones which are compounded by a pharmacist. Bio-identical hormones are derived from plants and are converted into chemical structures that exactly match the human hormones naturally produced by our body.

The plant derived bio-identical hormones function exactly the same as the hormones the body makes and in fact, the body recognizes them as if they were actually produced by the ovaries.

It must be emphasized that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the hormones the ovaries make and the bio-identical hormones used in BHRT. BHRT has a long history of safe and successful use. The goal is to replace what nature and time have lost and restore equilibrium so individuals can feel better.