Experience Your Best Self through Hormone Balance! 


Evaluate your hormones and monitor hormone metabolism to re-establish the best version of you!

Work directly with me to find out what are the root-causes of your hormone imbalance to apply corrective strategies and feel amazing again! 

Complete the sale and call me at 517-898-7832 to schedule your comprehensive hormone evaluation appointment and your saliva/dried urine hormone testing kit delivery. 

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Experience Your Best Self through my Gut Reboot Program!

Gut health is of paramount importance to correct and maintain hormone balance. 

Work directly with me to find out how you can test and find out the root-causes of your dysfunction, and how to correct the imbalance and restore gut health and implicit hormone balance. 

Complete the sale and call me at 517-898-7832 to schedule your comprehensive evaluation and have the testing kit delivered . Stool testing in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Hormone Balance eBook PLUS Plant-based Cookbook

Nourish your inquisitive mind and dive deeply into the steroid hormones that drive our entire existence. Challenge yourself with clinical research data that tests our current standard of care.

Enjoy your BONUS: 30-day plant-based meal plan to jumpstart your gut healing and restore hormone balance because you ARE WORTH IT!

Estrogen: Friend or Foe? 

Allow the clinical research data to show you the truth and debunk the myths that surround estrogen.

Dive deeply into the actions and protective effects of estrogen and find out why the balance between progesterone and estrogen is so important for your wellbeing. 

Progesterone: The Guardian Angel of Breast Cancer eBook

Everything you wanted to know about Progesterone and your doctor did not tell you. 

Progesterone is the Happy hormone, the pick-me-up, the feel gooood missing link. All women, regardless of intact or absence of uterus, should get progesterone support. 

Download this eBook, challenge status quo. Knowledge is power!

Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals – The eBook you don’t want to miss!

We are exposed to so many chemicals in our modern-day society and these have become so pervasive. These chemicals are toxic to our bodies and negatively affect our hormones. They have estrogen-mimicking properties and are deleterious to our health and wellbeing. 

Immerse yourself in this eBook and find out what you can do to avoid exposure and eliminate toxic accumulation to restore your hormone balance.

Detox your Life

A quick eBook guide to living HEALTHY

Download this easy-to-read and follow e-Guide to detox your lifestyle and restore hormone balance and wellbeing.

Food is medicine, diet is foundation of health. Habits, exercise, sleep, exposure to stress and endocrine disrupting chemicals, they all negatively impact our hormone balance. Find out what you can do to feel good and live healthy.

Ovulation Predictor eBook guide

Optimize your fertility or use it as a natural contraception method with this easy-to-follow Ovulation Predictor eBook.

Learn what your fifth vital sign tells you: your menstrual period. 

This natural fertility awareness method can help you avoid oral contraceptives and hormonal IUDs with similar contraceptive results if used adequately. 

You can also use this eBook to learn how to decipher your menstrual period to help prepare you embark on your natural fertility journey to create beautiful, smart and healthy babies. 

Hypothyroidism: A comprehensive eBook guide

Learn how to create and maintain thyroid health, testing, classification, dietary recommendations, treatment options and more.

If you suffer with symptoms of hypothyroidism, this guide is for you!