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Dr. Elena Alawa. D.O.

I provide Telehealth consultations to women and men to help them naturally and holistically navigate through their life milestones of perimenopause, menopause and andropause. I am licensed in the state of Michigan. So, if you reside in the state of Michigan, if you’re willing to make changes to jumpstart your health, if you’re willing to hold yourself accountable for your actions, if you’re willing to restore your hormone balance and benefit from the protective effects of your natural hormones, YOU are my ideal client, and I would be honored to guide your journey back to health.
As Covid has forced us all to find alternative venues to seek and receive medical care, I have found that Telemedicine offers a great way to assess and provide medical care to patients in need, even to those in remote areas that do not have immediate geographical access to a specialist. My practice is entirely Telehealth at this point, which is of great benefit to you: you are able to still get tested in the comfort of your home and receive specialty care for which you otherwise would have to commute and tackle traffic jams and long waiting room times.


I do not participate with any third-party medical insurance companies, and I also do not participate with Medicare and Medicaid. This is again to your advantage: no time constraints on Telehealth visits, no fighting the red tape of insurance-driven medical care, no cookie-cut treatment approach. You will be heard and listened to, you will have access to specialty functional tests that otherwise are not available through a PCP office or challenged for possible approval by a medical insurance (tests which help to get to the root-causes of your symptoms and complaints), and your treatment will be individualized, specific to your ailments, symptoms, test-proven deficiencies and tolerance of natural remedies. This approach puts the patient in the driving seat: you know your body best!
I do accept HSA (heath savings account) and FSA (flex spending account). These may also cover the cost of your labs and supplements/medications.
I do provide you with ‘Super Bills’ of both Telehealth visits and specialty functional testing. You may submit these to your medical insurance for possible partial reimbursement. Your medical insurance can also cover the cost of serum (blood) tests, depending on the tier choice you have opted for.
When it comes to your health, cutting corners is quite detrimental. Achieving hormone balance and restoring your health and wellbeing is a marathon, not a sprint, and requires your personal commitment as well as time dedication and financial investment. Your health is your best wealth!


Your initial consultation is about 90-120 minutes to give us ample time to go over your personal and family history, evaluate the root-causes of your complaints, review any possible lab results you may have done with another physician and decide what other labs and specialty functional testing you may additionally need, in order to put together the puzzle of what’s going on with you, so that we can together formulate a plan of care that you would agree to follow and monitor going forward.
After the initial consult, you will be entering a monthly wellness program because like I said, achieving hormone balance and restoring your health and wellbeing is a marathon, not a sprint. You didn’t get these symptoms overnight, and natural and holistic approach does not provide overnight wonders. You will have unlimited access to follow-up visits as individually needed for support, accountability and close monitoring. You will also benefit from discounts on specialty functional testing and nutritional supplements that you may need on your health journey.


 Since we are all different, each patient’s history and symptoms will warrant different testing needs. Here are some of the specialty functional testing one might benefit from:
– Saliva and dried urine hormone testing
– Urinary neurotransmitter testing
– IgG food sensitivity testing
– advanced functional stool studies
– organic acid testing
– vitamin/nutritional assessment testing
– urinary mycotoxin testing
– urinary or hair heavy metal tox testing
To schedule your FREE 15-20 minute discovery call, please fill out the form below or call the office at (517) 898-7832. I can work with your schedule to help you achieve and maintain your health goals.

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Please be aware that Dr. Alawa cannot give medical advice to people who are not established patients.

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