Functional Medicine In Michigan

What is Functional Medicine?

The functional medicine model looks to provide a specialized and catered treatment that addresses the root cause of the disease. Every individual is different and unique, which is why every factor has to be considered in what’s contributing to the patient’s illness.  A condition will have many causes in how it manifested including the individual’s genes, the physical environment, and how they live their life. With considerations to these factors, these treatments are tailored to create a lasting effect on the patient.

How does Functional Medicine Work?

To begin, your doctor will have a session to gather information about you. This information will include your medical history and many factors from your daily life. This information will help the doctor ascertain the root cause of your illness and determine the main triggers of it. This can be but is not limited to, inadequate nutritional intake, toxins within the body, stress, genes, and allergies. Once the trigger is identified, the doctor will personalize a healthy living plan that will have you alter some aspects of your daily life.  From improving physical health, nutritional intake, sleep, and other factors to reduce stress. With the right food plan, the right nutrition intake, and change in lifestyle, you can feel like a new person.

Why Choose Functional Medicine

You want a personalized treatment
Functional Medicine doctors need to spend a lot of time with you to learn about your medical history. This information is gathered to help create a personalized treatment catered to your needs so you can get better.

You are open-minded about receiving alternative treatments
Past prescription drugs, functional medicine doctors typically prescribe different types of treatments not normally given by regular doctors. This could include hormone therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and more!

Suited for treating chronic illness
Function Medicine is one of the best treatments for handling chronic illnesses. The doctor will search for the root cause of the illness rather than just individually treating the symptoms in our patients portal.

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Why Choose True Health Solutions Clinic?

Board-Certified Doctor: Dr. Elena is a board-certified physician in internal medicine in the state of Michigan and has treated clients for over 15 years.
She embraces a holistic lifestyle, guided by the significance of ” you are what you eat” and “what grows in your gut affects how you feel every day. She decided to further her training and obtain certifications in Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and Functional Medicine. This was so she could focus on the holistic approach of searching for the root cause, rather than simply treat the symptoms of chronic diseases.

Virtual Consultation Model: Save yourself the hassle of making the trip to the doctor’s office. At True Health Solutions Clinic, we offer virtual appointments so you can get the treatments you need from the comfort of your own home. Simply book your appointment and meet with Dr. Elena via your computer or tablet.

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Our Functional Medicine Process

Before your first consultation, we have our clients fill out of extensive questionnaire on our website. This information is to provide us with the necessary information to move forward with your case. Our questionnaire will ask about:

  1. Your current lifestyle
  2. Your goals
  3. Potential issues that prevent you from achieving your goals

In our first appointment together, we will get to know each other better to help us set you up on the right track to getting better.

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