functional medicine


functional medicine

Our human body has an amazing innate ability to heal itself from within. If you give your body what it needs to heal and remove the obstacles to healing, the healing will follow! Functional Medicine explores the very root-causes of symptoms and disease to isolate and eliminate them, while providing the necessary means and ingredients to help the body heal.

Traditional preventative medicine is geared towards early detection. A closer look at this sheds better light onto the fact that traditional medicine attempts to detect disease earlier, therefore nothing has really been prevented, but rather signs of disease were observed earlier. In other words, physicians are busy treating disease, leaving little time for patient education in healthy lifestyle practices that avoid development of chronic diseases

Functional medicine not only explores the root-causes of already present signs and symptoms of disease, but also focuses extensively on patient education as it pertains to lifestyle choices, healthy and mindful eating, stress management and healthy supplements to truly prevent development of chronic diseases.

Of course, patient accountability encourages and motivates patients to stay on course with healthy living, as it requires motivation, dedication and perseverance.