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Throughout moments that throw us curve balls, it’s how we react and make of the situation that allows us to grow, learn and adapt to new surroundings. These different stages and events can bring us up or down, and that’s the beauty of life!

If you feel that these emotions have been becoming more difficult to control, you aren’t alone. This may be due to an imbalance of hormones throughout the body, and if an adjustment to your wellness lifestyle isn’t working, a BHRT consultation might. 

By reaching out to a hormone imbalance virtual doctor at True Health Solutions, you can have a clear understanding of why you may be feeling more down than normal and determine effective next steps to mitigate the symptoms! Today we’ll give you a quick rundown of BHRT, including how they help with mood swings, the benefits, and varying treatment methods. Through this, True Health Solutions will help you better understand how and why Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy could be just the boost you need to bring you back to your true self – Let’s begin!

“True Care Solutions Clinic offers virtual medical services and appointments to offer you the possibility and convenience to connect with a bioidentical hormone replacement physician from anywhere in the state of Michigan and the comfort of your home.”

How do BHRT treatments help with mood swings?

Most hormonal imbalance symptoms start with mood swings; why? As you get older, estrogen or testosterone declines, which is correlated with higher instances of emotional fluctuations that could negatively affect your day-to-day activities. To alleviate these symptoms, BHRT treatments can help! 

During a BHRT consultation, professionals create a customized plan to determine the best approach unique to your needs as an individual. BHRT treatments are compounded hormones, custom prepared, and presented with exact dosages to be mirrored with your body’s natural hormones – enhancing and regulating your mood!

At True Health, you can trust our virtual consultations. With Dr. Elena Alawa, who is heavily trained in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, you can expect a detailed, supportive and efficient consultation that will help you compile the appropriate BHRT treatment option for you.

What are the benefits of BHRT?

Some may think that BHRT treatments are only beneficial for women experiencing menopause, but that isn’t the case! BHRT can be helpful for everyone looking to regulate their mental, physical or emotional well-being, regardless of their age or gender.

From people’s various experiences in using this treatment, they have mentioned an overall higher quality of life, including but not limited to:

  • Stronger mental clarity
  • Healthier skin
  • Reduced bloating
  • Higher energy
  • Enhanced sex drives
  • The build-up of muscle and loss of fat

It is clear that BHRT imposes many benefits that could significantly strengthen your well-being. With True Health, our team may help you experience these new symptoms that can better your lifestyle!

What are the different types that BHRT can be taken?

These hormone treatments can be applied in various forms, whichever one is most suitable for your preferences or needs. From hormone treatments ranging from estrogen to testosterone, you can use BHRT through: 

  • Patches
  • Gels
  • Pills
  • Creams
  • Injections

All of these types of BHRT treatments provide you with the same result, so the one that feels the most right for you will work! If you are unsure of what kind of treatment to use, we have that covered too! By booking a consultation with Dr. Alawa here at True Health, she will use the information that you provide her during the virtual meeting to present a treatment method that will make you feel safe.

Say goodbye to your mood swings now – book a BHRT consultation today!

Constant tiredness and mood swings can have a negative effect on your mind and body, but this doesn’t have to bring you down forever.

 At True Health Solutions Clinic, you can receive the personalized virtual consultation treatment wanted to bring yourself back to your true self. Reach out for a virtual meet, and Dr. Elena Alawa would love to get to know and help you with whatever your needs may be.

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