" Highly recommend Dr. Elena. Best thing I've done for myself."
E. M. R.
"Dr. Elena with True Health Solutions Clinic is wonderful. She is local but does virtual appointments. I've been nothing but impressed with her."
"I recommend Dr. Elena. She is amazing! Nobody could get my thyroid medication right and they don't even consider hormones. If they do, they don't test EVERYTHING. She does! She ran so many tests that they took 26 vials of blood. She also does stool, urine and saliva tests. You will be shocked at how much you learn and angry that nobody else could figure it out. Then she gives you natural solutions. She is amazing. She specifically formulated my treatment for my needs through a compounding pharmacy. She's done wonders for me. It's worth the expense, I've never felt better. She's solved problems I have been dealing with for soooo many years after just the first visit. All via Zoom."
"After eight years of misery since my hysterectomy, I didn't think I could feel like my old self again. Dr. Elena, thank you for giving me my life back."
"I can finally sleep better and not feel like a zombie the next day. And my long lost libido has finally resurfaced. Small things that make a big difference in my day. I just want to say thank you - I truly appreciate you"
M. D.
"Period problems are no joke. I was feeling awful on and off birth control and didn't know why. My GYN said the only sure is hysterectomy. When I found Dr. Elena I was grateful to have someone look deeper into my hormones to try and help us get pregnant. Hormone metabolism and toxic environment is not a language I speak everyday, but Dr. Elena showed me the path to improve through her compassion and knowledge."
To start off with, there isn't a pill for every ailment life has to throw at me. There are many issues that learning how to change my behavior/approach greatly affects the outcome more effectively than treating a symptom the behavior is responsible for to begin with. Doctor Elena has been helpful at focusing first on those things in my own power to change before moving on to more complicated ones. Thank you!"
R. K.
"I am not one to write reviews let alone make them public, but this time is very different. I was reluctant for so long to admit that something was off, I believed I was just getting older. I reached out to Dr. Elena on the advice of a close friend. We worked on addressing stress, diet and hormone problems. My anxiety is gone, I sleep great, I feel like I'm 30 again, and I have the energy to run after my sons. I just want to say thank you- I truly appreciate you!"
R. H.
I've been struggling for years with many issues, period problems, belly problems, irritability, and I've seen more doctors than I care to admit. I never liked taking meds so when I found Dr. Elena I was grateful to have somebody actually thoroughly explain the why's and what to do to fix my symptoms. Between my hormones, thyroid and gut problems, I got my homework cut out for me. Instead of adding more meds to my already long list, she's working with me to cut those down. I know it's not an overnight fix, but I am thankful for a different and natural approach. I highly recommend her! Thank you for your support, passion and wisdom!"
S. L. J.
"I used to have heavy bleeds and suffer with migraines and horrible PMS before every period. When I finally embarrassed myself real bad at work, I finally listened to my mother and reached out to Dr. Elena for help. I so appreciate you! I have gone through some changes I didn't think were possible."
Lily A.
" Dr. Alawa is amazing! Worth every penny, as good health is priceless! she digs deep into your health history, knowing that everything is connected, she develops a plan WITH you to achieve your health goals. She doesn't slap a band-aid on like all the other conventional providers out there, she gets to the root cause. She's thorough in her evidence-based approach, with many times being ahead of what's considered 'standard of care' and explains everything making sure you understand. I can't give her enough praises, Dr. Alawa is epitome of how a doctor should practice."
K. S.
Dr. Elena is very knowledgeable, there is not one appointment with her that I don't learn something new and valuable. I have found her on the A4M website searching for a functional medicine provider who prescribes BHRT and never looked back. I highly recommend her!
Thank you, Dr. Elena, I can finally sleep through the night, and I cannot remember the last time I felt a hot flash. The brain fog is gone, and I can function again professionally. I am so grateful!