starting a family


Starting a family is a wonderful and exciting process! Sometimes it happens naturally, and sometimes it may require additional assistance.

Birth control and a family physician’s knowledge of contraception and options counseling are crucial elements of family planning. At True Health Solutions, we can provide you with virtual doctor consultations across Michigan to help you throughout the family planning process and increase your chances of conceiving.

As a fertility and family planning doctor, my job is to advocate for you and your family’s health. I can provide you with valuable medical advice that will be customized to your lifestyle. Along with my extensive knowledge of family planning and fertility medicine, I am also able to connect you with other community aids, medical resources, and social services that can optimize your journey of expanding your family.

I offer individual and couples consultations to explore and help you navigate the reasons for infertility, and implement corrective strategies. Your consultations are all virtual, from the comfort of your home. Schedule your first 90-120 minutes appointment today and let’s find out together how to improve your natural ability to conceive.

Prenatal care is essential for increasing your chances of conceiving

Prenatal care should begin about 3-6 months before conception to ensure the proper development of the egg and sperm. Prenatal care prepares couples for a healthy pregnancy and gives you ample time to address important considerations such as body weight, toxic burden, nutrition, hormonal balance, stress, or emotional factors that could prevent or otherwise hinder the occurrence of pregnancy.

I can provide you with the ongoing information, support, and care you need to make informed decisions about conceiving. Along with prenatal services, I work in collaboration with PCP and OB/GYN so that together we can optimize patients’ triggers, resolve their symptoms and restore well-being. I am connected with a variety of fertility networks that can help you address:

  • Contraceptive services
  • Pregnancy counseling
  • Health history analysis
  • Fertilty support 

To making healthy, happy families, one step at a time!

Increase your chances of conceiving by asking yourself the right questions!

Whether you are a single individual or have a partner to help you with your conceiving journey, you will have to take into account your current lifestyle and take the necessary measures to increase your chances of conceiving. I can help you address essential questions that may include:

  • Am I at a healthy weight to get pregnant?
  • Are there any specific vitamins and supplements I need to start taking to enhance my health and the health of my potential baby?
  • Can I consume alcohol when I am trying to conceive?
  • Should I quit smoking and using other substances while I am trying to conceive?
  • Do I need to stop drinking caffeinated drinks and other caffeinated substances?
  • Are there any lifestyle changes I need to make to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Your fertility health matters – increase your chances of conceiving by booking a virtual consultation today!

My priority is to give you ongoing support throughout your fertility journey and will be with you every single step of the way. Along with fertility services, I will assist you in attaining a more holistic approach to your health journey to help you better understand your current lifestyle, physical habits, and any mental and emotional factors that you may be influenced by. After all, starting a family starts with a healthy you! 

As you embark on the exciting journey of starting a family, ensure that you have the right medical resources that support you. When you book your private virtual consultation, I can further help you understand your body’s wellness and discuss any concerns you may have.