true health solutions clinic


True Health Solutions Clinic is helping more people achieve the exciting and fulfilling
dream of starting a family. The fertility experts have taken proven approaches to address
specific issues. They offer a free fertility guide and consultations to clients.

East Lansing, MI – More people looking forward to and dreaming of becoming a family cannow take advantage of the fertility services offered at True Health Solutions Clinic.

The fertility clinic focuses on helping clients and patients make healthy, happy families one step at a time by equipping them with what they need as they embark on the journey.

New clients can take advantage of the free fertility guide the experts put together or enjoy a free 15-minutes of an initial consultation.

The True Health Solutions Clinic fertility guide is an essential resource for people looking to start a family. The free guide takes readers through how they can improve their chances of a successful pregnancy, whether they’ve chosen the natural path through natural conception or IUI/IVF path.

In the guide, readers will learn about common issues affecting their ability to conceive and achieve their desired goals of bringing a new life into the world. The resource also goes over the approaches to addressing those issues, focusing on comparing conventional and functional medicine.

With the functional medicine approach adopted at True Health Solutions Clinic, clients and patients can expect an overall health-oriented, patient-centered, holistic, and naturopathic treatment.

The fertility experts also consider not just the symptoms or the issues affecting fertility but the deeper-lying conditions or problems that may have caused those symptoms.

Patients who have gone through the free guide or those interested in skipping to the solutions can contact the clinic’s expert for fertility consultations. New clients and patients can take advantage of the free 15 minutes consultation service offered by the lead fertility expert at the clinic, Dr. Elena Alawa.

Welcoming more clients to take the free consultation offer, Dr. Elena Alawa said: “Before you consider expensive assisted reproductive techniques at fertility clinics, please consider first a consultation at True Health Solutions Clinic.

We will explore a comprehensive root-cause analysis of your symptoms and implement individualized medical protocols to help you improve your fertility so you can conceive naturally.”

The consultation meeting will cover the common factors affecting the client or patient’s ability to conceive and how those factors can be addressed.

Our fertility expert can also help patients coming off contraceptives and having difficulty conceiving those struggling with weight control and blood sugar imbalances, and patients with menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

True Health Solutions Clinic provides individual and couples consultations to help clients explore and navigate the reasons behind infertility and arrive at corrective strategies.

Patients are welcome to book a virtual consultation via their website to get started. The fertility clinic can be reached via phone at 517-898-7832.